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Prepare My Own Taxes Online

To prepare your own taxes online, you can request help from a volunteer counselor to coach you through the process using your own computer while screen-sharing. Tax-Aide also provides taxpayers with access to free software to prepare taxes totally on their own.

Access to free software is limited to taxpayers with an AGI (Adjusted Gross Income) of $79,000 or less. You can estimate your AGI by checking the amount on line 11 of your tax return from last year (form 1040 or 1040-SR.) If your income falls within these guidelines, please click Request Help below.

If you think your 2023 AGI may exceed $79,000 and would like our help assessing it, or for other tax assistance without access to free software, you may also click Request Help below.

Free self-preparation tax software is only available for the current tax year (tax year 2023). If you need our assistance with prior year returns, which cannot use the free software, you can click Request Help below.

Request Help

Taxpayers interact with Tax-Aide’s IRS-certified tax counselors online. Assistance ranges from answering tax questions to coaching taxpayers through the entire tax preparation process.

Taxpayers need access to a computing device, internet service and all their tax documents in order to participate.

Access OnLine Taxes Software

Use OnLine Taxes to file a free federal and state return if:

  • Your Adjusted Gross Income is between $16,000 and $79,000, OR
  • You are an active duty member of the military with Adjusted Gross Income of $79,000 or less
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